Knightowl's new album "El Pajaro Loko" available worldwide now
Written by Funkadelic   
Sunday, 14 October 2012 20:31

Mr. Knightowl aka Owl Capone is back with a brand new album called "El Pajaro Loko". The album has already been available in the streets for several weeks. Now the album is also available worldwide with distribution through SL Entertainment. So if you don't like the digital copy or if you had problems finding the CD in your local hood store you should get your copy now. The album which is packed with 20 all new songs only features Knightmare and was mainly produced by D. Salas. So what can you expect from the album music wise? Let me tell you, I already got my copy, the album is nothing but heat, Knightowl at it's best. Don't believe me?! Click here to see the video for "No No No No". If you like it make sure to get your copy!


01. Renacen Las Sombras
02. No No No No
03. Callate
04. Besito Loko
05. No Te Konozco
06. Soy Malvado
07. Quiero Yo Decirte
08. No Voy A Jugar
09. Tomando
10. La Vida Es Muy Corta
11. Sin Saber Que Hacer
12. Aunque Me Cueste La Vida
13. Junto A Mi
14. Fever (Fiebre)
15. Everything You Want
16. Life's All You Got
17. Don't Say
18. You Can Count On Me
19. Come And Try It
20. Psyko


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Frost's "All Oldies II" available for digital download
Written by Funkadelic   
Saturday, 06 October 2012 21:48

After the success of volume 1 is the godfather of chicano rap, Frost, already back with "All Oldies II". Pressed copies have already been available in local stores for some time but now is the album also ready to be downloaded from all digital retailers such as itunes or amazon. SL Entertainment is sheduled to release the CD worldwide December, 4th. So if you haven't bought your copy yet you can either download it now or wait for the distributed release. I have already ordered my copy and so should you. Featured artists include Fingazz, Lil Rob, Diamonique, Annimeanz, Kiki Smooth, Chino XL, Sonny Blue and many more. A track called "In My Lonely Room" featuring Lil Rob and Kokoe already hit youtube and can be listened by clicking here. Here's the tracklisting for "All Oldies II".


01. Cruising
02. Backstabaz
03. I Know You Feeling It
04. I Got My Eye On You
05. BankRoll
06. I Should've Known
07. Been Way To Long
08. In My Lonely Room
09. I Seen It All
10. We Do It For The Real
11. I Ain't Your Puppet
12. Pass It Around
13. Blvd Knights
14. You Keep Saying I Don't Need You
15. Do It For My People
16. What You In It For
17. The Good Times
18. Never Gonna Give You Up
19. Ready Or Not


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New Wicked Minds album will be available by the end of the month [AUDIO]
Written by Funkadelic   
Friday, 05 October 2012 16:13

The legendary chicano rap group Wicked Minds is back with their brand new studio album called "Hostility". Featured artists include Mr. Chino Grande, Baby Wicked, Midget Loco, Royal T, ALT, Cecy B, Mieski, Fiesty 2 Guns and many more. According to Wreck copies should be available in the next 2 weeks. The digital release date is sheduled for October, 31st. Here is what Wreck had to say about the album in our forum, the CalifaRap Community: "Wadduppp Gente?! It's about that time again. The album is done and in the oven. I guarantee you this, it is the most clearest and most complex, mature album I've ever recorded. With this CD I celebrate my life in this fucked up lowdown business. ... O, and when I say "mature" I mean professional. Cause, man, this one is gangster, funny, stupid, gory, blunt, very entertaining. Thank you all for your support!". As a little exclusive Wreck sent us a track from the album called "Ride Real Slow". As usual you find the download below. Make sure to pick up "Hostility" if you like what you hear!


01. Wicked Minds Intro
02. B.U.D.L.I.G.H.T
03. Bigg Doggz
04. Ferocious
05. I’m A Rhyda
06. Kill Kapone
07. Shine Your Light On Me
08. Southern California
10. Like Mr. Crowley
11. Memories
12. Wicked
13. Run2
14. Days Like This
15. Welcome To California
16. Ride Real Slow
17. Se Que Tu No Quieres
18. Gangsters Criminals And Hustlers


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Big Lokote returns with release of new compilation
Written by Funkadelic   
Sunday, 16 September 2012 19:41

After taking a break from the chicano rap game for 3 years is one of it's most controversial artists, Big Lokote, back with a brand new compilation called "Hi Coward Killaz". The new compilation was released through his own label Insane Asylum Entertainment Septemner, 11th. The CD which is actually a double disc set features artists such as Juan Gambino, Joker, Deuce L, Panic-Loco, O.G Bandit and more. As you can imagine from the title of the compilation a lot of songs will be about his beef with Hi Power Entertainment which started a couple of years ago when their ways diverged. But according to Big Lokote we will hear more positive music from him in the future as he will keep beefs away from his official releases. Nevertheless he is "still going to venture the underground horrorcore, gangster, murder rap, metal and chicano rap as a testimony of his life and past real life events during the years of his gangbanging". We at CalifaRap do therefore hope that this beef will finally come to an end and does not get out of line. It's 2012, chicano rap needs to progress from all that negativity. CalifaRap will do it's part as this is the last beef related update on this website. You can count on that!


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The "California Boys" are unleashed [AUDIO]
Written by Funkadelic   
Sunday, 09 September 2012 21:32

Urban Kings Music Group released a brand new Charlie Row Campo album called "California Boys" already a couple of days ago. The CD features the Camponeros Jasper Loco, Mr. Chino Grande, Fiesty 2 Guns and Baby Jokes as well as other artists including Stomper, Syphon, Bigg Bandit and more. The album is mainly produced by D. Salas but does also feature beats by Blunt, Bigg Bandit and Nine Diamond. If you want to listen to a preview track just click on the link below to download the song "Never" which is performed by Fiesty 2 Guns, Jasper Loco, Baby Jokes and Lady Ness. As usual feel free to post your feedback in our forum, the CalifaRap Community, and to buy "California Boys" if you like what you hear.


01. Never
02. Times Have Changed
03. Hometown
04. They Pimpin
05. Smoke Break
06. This Is Me
07. I Remember It All
08. Rise
09. On Our Team
10. Brown Pride
11. She's The Best
12. Stop This Smoke For You
13. California Boy
14. Lets Get High
15. A New Era
16. They Know Who We Are


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Lil Cuete drops new album "Gun Play"
Written by Funkadelic   
Sunday, 26 August 2012 20:30

Norwalk's own #1 gun Lil Cuete is back with his brand new album "Gun Play". The album which hit the streets a couple of days ago is released through East Side Records and features artists such as Kozme, Roscoe, D. Salas and more. A couple of tracks already hit youtube so if you want to listen to some previews then that's the place for you. If you like what you hear then make sure to pick up "Gun Play" which is in stores everywhere now. Talking about youtube and Lil Cuete, OG Goofi released a brand new video interview with Lil Cuete which was filmed when he was on tour in Tacoma, Washington. To watch the interview just click here. We will also try to bring you some official words from him the days so keep checking back! Here's the "Gun Play" tracklisting.


01. Intro
02. Gun Play
03. Ain't Fucking With Us
04. Can't Hang
05. Ready To Burn
06. They Say I Shouldn't Be With You
07. My Everything
08. Me & My Girl
09. You Already Know
10. Won't Give Up The Fight
11. If You're Looking For Trouble
12. Scratched Off The Bitch List
13. The Quickest
14. Love Me Right
15. Ride With Me
16. Never Should Have Done Your Wrong
17. Paparazzi
18. Rest Of Our Lives
19. Wife You
20. I Don't Know Why


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Xecutive Disorder releases debut album "Unleashed" [AUDIO]
Written by Funkadelic   
Sunday, 12 August 2012 20:45

Charlie Row Campo member Baby J aka Baby Jokes teamed up with Syphon to form the group Xecutive Disorder. A couple of days ago the group released it's debut album "Unleashed" through Wrecking Spot Music Group. Featured artists include Lil G, Daz Dillinger, Jah Free, Rigo Luna, Jasper, Sly Boogy, Lil Cuete, Lil Flip, David Wade, Bizzy Bone and more. Thanks to Syphon we are able to bring you an exclusive download from the album called "Did It My Way" featuring Lil G. As usual we would like you to leave your feedback about the audio in our forum, the CalifaRap Community. If you like what you hear don't forget to get your copy of Xecutive Disorder's debut album "Unleashed" which is out now!


01. Did It My Way
02. Hood Blocked
03. Get With It
04. Know Nothin Bout Love
05. Love Fades Away
06. Attention
07. All Day
08. Goodbye
09. I Know You See It
10. When I Love Her Love
11. Hate To See Us Fade
12. Going Crazy [REMIX]
13. Summertime
14. Make You Stay
15. And If I
16. I'm Done
17. All Around The World


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"Pactown Riders Vol. 2" dropping end of August [AUDIO]
Written by Funkadelic   
Sunday, 12 August 2012 20:30

Newly formed M.O.B.G Entertainment will release it's debut compilation "Pactown Riders Vol. 2" August, 25th. The compilation features artists such as Conejo, Sleepy Malo, Spanky Spank-A-Hoe, Clumsy Boy, Venom, Sniper, Soldiers Of The 818 and more. The mixing was done by legendary Ernie G. Thanks to the label we are able to bring you an exclusive mix of the album which can be listened by clicking here. If you like what you hear then make sure to pick up "Pactown Riders Vol. 2" by the end of the month. In other M.O.B.G Entertainment news you can also be on the lookout for a Conejo and Sleepy Malo collaboration LP with the supposed title "Kings Of Terror". Of course we will keep you updated about that as well. Here's the tracklisting for the upcoming compilation:


01. Pacas
02. Fuck Your Hood
03. Still In The Streets
04. This Is How We Do It
05. Shallow Graves
06. The Avenues
07. Straight Bellen
08. Blue Chucks
09. Streetlife
10. It's A P Thang
11. Let Me Tell You Something
12. Straight Out Pacoima
13. My Inner Circle
14. How Can I Love U
15. The Valley
16. Black N Gold


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Malow Mac finally released "Soldiers Love" [VIDEO]
Written by Funkadelic   
Sunday, 12 August 2012 20:07

Former Hi Power Entertainment recording artist Malow Mac finally released his long awaited new studio album "Soldiers Love" to the digital world. As you might know it has taken him quite some time to finish this record but let me tell it was definitly worth the wait. The album is packed with 18 all new banging tracks of classic chicano rap. In case you missed it, Malow Mac has released a couple of videos to support the release over the last months. If you want to watch them then just click on the links below. To listen to a mega mix of the album just click here. Featured artists include G. Malone, Fingazz, ZigZag of NB Ridaz, Samantha Latino and more. So far there is no word on when pressed copies will be available but as soon as we know more we will let you know in our forum, the CalifaRap Community.


01. The Introduction
02. Clowning
03. It Was All A Dream
04. World Wide
05. Always Gone
06. Soldiers Love
07. Never Giving Up On You
08. Hate On Me
09. I'm Strapped
10. My Reply
11. I Came From The Streets
12. Top Down
13. I'd Rahter Be Your T.H.U.G.G
14. Never Back Dawn
15. I Know What You Like
16. Ain't Nobody
17. Summertime Loving
18. Running The Streets


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Tha-GhostDawg finally released "Worldwide Ridaz" [AUDIO]
Written by Funkadelic   
Sunday, 05 August 2012 22:51

After being in the making for quite some time Tha-GhostDawg finally released his debut album "Worldwide Ridaz" to the digital world. The artist who is represeting the West Side of Germany and Steel Banging Musick Europe made his first impact when he released the title track "Worldwide Ridaz" featuring Stomper, Spanky Loco and Niles Davis in 2010. In 2011 another interesting drop from the album hit the internet. This time he clicked up with the infamous Southland Gangsters to bring you an video for the track "Borderless" featuring Mister D, Sleepy Malo, Solo and Bebe. So as said above, a couple of weeks ago the full album was finally released online . Featured artists include Midget Loco, Stomper, Mister D, Spanky Loco, Madogg, Huero Snipes, Sleepy Malo, Johnny Blade, Silly Rabbit, Solo and many more. Thanks to Tha-GhostDawg himself we are able to bring you an exclusive download from the album called "Sick Minded" featuring Midget Loco, Huero Snipes and Dilan. To listen to the track just click on the link in the tracklisting. If you like what you hear then make sure to pick up "Worldwider Ridaz" over at itunes. If you want to watch the videos mentioned above check out his official youtube account by clicking here.


01. Intro
02. Worldwide Ridaz
03. Rollin' 4 Tha West
04. Joyride
05. Right Here
06. Tha Legacy
07. Sick Minded
08. Borderless
09. Remedy
10. International
11. Back On These Streetz
12. The Last Dynasty Has Fallen
13. Infinity
14. Culturez
15. Living On Tha Darkside
16. The Only Way
17. 2 Spiritz 2012
18. One Way Road


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YBe's new album "Champion" is finally out now
Written by Funkadelic   
Sunday, 29 July 2012 21:24

During the week YBe aka Lil Yogi released his brand new album "Champion" to all digital stores. As you know the album was supposed to be out already some time ago, but YBe wanted it to be an album which is worth it's money and did therefore take his time. And let me tell you, it was definitely worth the wait. The album is packed with 34 all new banging tracks featuring artists such as Frost, Malow Mac, LaLa, Bizzy Bone, Sicc2Sicc Gangsters, Chiko and many more. The production was handeled by people like Fingazz, Talent or Shortone. As said, for now the album can only be bought online. But according to YBe a 3 disc set including all 34 tracks as well as an exclusive DVD will be available in September. So if you prefer a "real" copy of the album you do have to wait some more time. As you might know YBe has already released many videos for the "Champion" album. One of the more recent ones is called "I Represent" and can be watched by clicking here. Since this is YBe's official account you will also find all the other videos over there as well as some more exclusive audio from the album. In other news you can also be on the lookout for an exclusive interview with YBe hitting the website really soon, so stay tuned!


01. Headed 2 The Top
02. Champion
03. We Get Doe
04. West Affiliated
05. When I Was Young
06. Kiss & Make Up
07. The Test Of Time
08. Trust No One
09. Adapted 2 The Ghetto
10. Better Dayz
11. Back For Another Round
12. Wrong Idea
13. Relieve My Problems
14. Curious
15. By All Meanz
16. Hard Times
17. Somebody Can Die
18. Welcome 2 The West Coast
19. The Way We Roll
20. M$M On The Rise
21. The Life We Chose
22. I Represent
23. The Best From The West
24. Loosing My Mind
25. Life Goes On
26. What Happen 2 The Radio
27. Think Twice
28. Letter 2 My Momma
29. Gravity
30. Active In The Streets
31. We Don't Play
32. Bad Bitch
33. Dreaming
34. They Looking For Me


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New SouthSide's Most Wanted album "The Return" drops next week
Written by Funkadelic   
Saturday, 28 July 2012 21:33

Mr. Capone-E and Mr. Criminal aka SouthSide's Most Wanted team up once again to bring you their second collaboration LP "The Return". The official relase date is sheduled for July, 31st. But as usual you should already be able to get your copy at your local hood dealer while you are reading this. To promote the release a little bit more Hi Power Entertainment leaked a track to their official youtube account earlier this week. To listen to it just click here. If you like what you hear then make sure to pick up "The Return" which contains all new music. In other news Capone-E told us that he will probably push back the release of "The New Album" to 2013 since he wants to record some more track as well as to shoot some more videos. Of course we will keep you updates, so stay tuned!


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New compilation "Six Nine 2 Los Angeles" drops this September [AUDIO]
Written by Funkadelic   
Saturday, 28 July 2012 21:13

WestCoast Style Production which is based in Lyon, France is getting ready to release its' compilation "Six Nine 2 Los Angeles" in September. The compilation is going to feature rappers from California, France and England. Featured artists include Malow Mac, Doll-E Girl, Big Stalks, Ese-Swift, Ese Dreamer and many more. Thanks to the label we are able to bring you an exlusive preview from the called "Come Bounce With Me" by Ese-Swift featuring Sic-Style. As usual feel free to leave your feedback in our forum, the CalifaRap Community. To listen to the preview just click on the link below. If you like what you hear you can also check out some more snippets over at their official youtube account by clicking here.


Ese-Swift - Come Bounce With Me


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Solo releases debut album "Christ Over All" [AUDIO]
Written by Funkadelic   
Sunday, 22 July 2012 21:35

Ever since his 1st appearance on Mister D's "I Told You I Was Deep In The Game" double disc set, which was released in 1999 when SL Entertainment was still known as MRD Productions, I've been a big fan of Solo. Well since this was 13 years ago I would say that it was about time that he finally released his 1st solo album called "Christ Over All". In case you don't know who he is I am still sure that you have heard of as he is one part of the group C.O.A Click with his partner Siete. The new album features artists such as Mister D, Siete, Sleepy Malo, Problem, Ever and Tee. Thanks to SL Entertainment were are able to bring you an exclusive preview called "Open Your Eyes" which can be listened by clicking on the link below. As usual, if you like what you hear make sure to pick up the album!


01. Intro (Perilous Times)
02. The Coming Days
03. Open Your Eyes
04. Don't Know
05. From The Bottom To The Top
06. Tortured For Christ
07. In The Name Of Jesus
08. Change
09. Save Me
10. Christ Over All
11. The Lord And Me
12. Heaven Or Hell
13. Tear Drops
14. No Pain
15. It Don't Matter
16. Can't Live Without You
17. Good Love
18. Peace
19. Hidden Track


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Baby Wicked releases video for "No Se Porque" [VIDEO]
Written by Funkadelic   
Monday, 16 July 2012 21:04

One of chicano rap's best female artists, Baby Wicked, returned to the game with a brand new video shot and edited by EyekonFotography a couple of days ago after being M.I.A for a little while. The last time we heard from her was when she released the debut compilation of her own record company Good Girl Records called "Good Girl Records". The all spanish track that she released the video for is called "No Se Porque". So far there is no word on where this track is taken from, but according to her official Facebook account the Good Girl Records C.E.O is working on some new material while I am writing this article. This includes all new audio as well as a DVD. As usual we will keep you updated, so keep checking back!



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Mister D teams up with Rocky Padilla to bring you "Smooth Oldies" [AUDIO]
Written by Funkadelic   
Sunday, 15 July 2012 20:18

Underground legend Mister D from SL Entertainment teamed up with Rocky Padilla another underground legend to bring you a banging collaboration LP called "Smooth Oldies" which was realesed a couple of weeks ago. The CD features artists such as Frank V, Sleepy Malo, Solo, Lil Yogi aka YBE, Lil Kasper, Ese Bobby, Malow Mac, Lil Blacky and many more. Thanks to SL Entertainment we are able to bring you an exclusive preview from the album. The track that we have ready to be listened is called "Dry Your Eyes". As usual make sure to leave your feedback in our forum, the CalifaRap Community. If you like what you hear, then get your copy from your local hood dealer or through the digital outlets. Here's the tracklisting and promised download:


01. I'm So Proud (Rocky's Style)
02. A Good And Bad Way
03. Dry Your Eyes
04. Turn The Lights Down
05. For Your Love
06. Dopeman
07. How Deep Is Your Love
08. Let Me Know
09. All I Do (Is Think Of You)
10. Smile Again
11. What's Your Fantasy
12. Do You Want It
13. Ohh Baby
14. Take A Chance
15. Let's Get It On
16. A Better Man
17. Feeling Blue (Outro)


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CalifaRap is back
Written by Funkadelic   
Sunday, 15 July 2012 17:47

I am really proud to announce that the long wait is finally over, the website is back and will be filled with fresh content over the next weeks. That includes all new interviews with your favorite chicano rap artists as well as the latest news and rumours coming out of the chicano rap game. The first news updates including some exclusive audio from the latest SL Entertainment releases should already be available later today. So stay tuned! The "articles" and "reviews" sections won't be available anymore. In the meantime you can check out our forum, the CalifaRap Community, by clicking on the link below. So make sure to join the #1 chincao rap forum if you aren't a member yet. If you want you can also get in touch with us over at Facebook, Twitter or Youtube (see links on top of the site).


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