3rd Omar Cruz re-release is out now

Omar Cruz - Blow Chicano Rap

After bringing you the re-release of "The Cruzifixion" as well as the re-release of "City Of Gods" is Omar Cruz aka Blunts LLA already back with his 3rd re-release for 2020. This time he and B.Y.I Entertainment re-released his classic LP "Blow". If you don't own the album yet you can now buy it from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. If I'm not mistaking not all his music is available digitally as of now so maybe we can be on the lookout for even more re-releases coming soon. In the meantime you should have enough Omar Cruz music to bump in your ride.

01. Blow Intro
02. I Reminisce
03. See The Colors
04. Mister Cartoon Speaks
05. L.A Wolves
06. Estevan Oriol Speaks
07. Directors Cut
08. The Odyssesy
09. It's Lonely At The Top
10. Just When I Thought I Was Out
11. The 44 Flow
12. Mr. Clutch
13. Life As You Know It
14. Farewell Blunts LLA
15. Termination

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