805 Clicka is on "The Come Up" with new LP

805 Clicka - The Come Up Chicano Rap

Cinco De Mayo 2017 Chicano Rap group 805 Clicka released their LP "Chicano Lifestyle". Now they are already back with their next album called "The Come Up". Over the last couple of weeks and months they've already released videos for 4 songs from the album including "Clicked Up Introduction", "Malditos Enemigos", "Ride'n" and "Money Motivated". All can be seen by clicking on the respctive link below. Interestingly the album comes with one feature by Enemy of Most Wanted only. As usual you are able to get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and wherever digital music is sold. I have no information on if there will be physical copies or not. Here's the "The Come Up" tracklistng:

01. Clicked Up Introduction
02. Do Our Thang
03. Burn The Block
04. Cali Kush
05. Represent
06. Malditos Enemigos (feat. Enemy Of Most Wanted)
07. Statement
08. Ride'n
09. Another Day In The Hood
10. Work
11. Respect & Credibility
12. Minorities
13. What They Came For
14. Money Motivated
15. Crazy Real
16. Bitches
17. Keep It Bouncing

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