Pimp Rollin Records is getting to release "Tha Mistahs II" and more

Pimp Rollin Records Chicano Rap

If you follow our social media accounts or if you are a member of our forum, the CalifaRap Community, you know that Pimp Rollin Records was supposed to release Mr. Lil One's and Mr. Shadow's new collaboration LP "Tha Mistahs II" January, 13th. Unfortunately the album didn't see the light of the day on Friday. The label confirmed that it got pushed back due to a song being cleared and that it should be released in about 2 weeks. Besides the upcoming "Tha Mistahs II" LP Pimp Rollin Records is also getting ready to release a couple of more CDs including solos by Mr. Chino Grande, Lil Blacky, Lil Demon, Nino Brown and Mr. Shadow. If you ask me that sounds like a really interesting list of albums to be on the lookout for. For sure we will keep you updated right here on your #1 chicano rap website!

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Download free Mexica Aztlan EP "Born Into Poverty"

Mexican Aztlan - Born Into Poverty Chicano Rap

Some of you might still remember Cell Block Entertainment from their compilation "Affiliated... From The Streets To The Pin" which was released already some years ago. The album featured artists such as label CEO Wicked Willie, Sal Capone, Mr. Criminal, Seven, Spanky Loco, Mr. Capone-E and more. After the compilation the label was set up to release a couple of alums from its' artists but that never happened due to various reasons. We posted some of the old covers on our official Instagram page the last couple of weeks. Now Cell Block Entertainment is back with a bang by releasing Mexica Aztlan's EP "Born Into Poverty" for free download. The EP which can be downloaded from datpiff.com by clicking here features Wicked Willie, G What, Eric Method, James The Just, Godforsaken, Bones and the Cell Block G's. According to a post by Wicked Willie on Instagram we can also be on the lookout for a free Cell Block Entertainment mixtape dropping real soon. Don't forget to leave your feedback about "Born Into Poverty" in our forum, the CalifaRap Community. Here's the tracklisting:

01. Born Into Poverty (feat. Wicked Willie)
02. Hail From The Streets (feat. G What)
03. So Rough (feat. Wicked Willie, Eric Method)
04. Ghetto Life (feat. James The Just)
05. Commercial
06. Battle Scars & Tattoos II (feat. Godforsaken)
07. Anger & Pain (feat. Bones)
08. Hood Etiquette (feat. Cell Block G's)

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New Jasper Loco album "Product Of The Block" is out now

Jasper Loco - Product Of The Block Chicano Rap

Two days before christmas, December 22nd, Urban Kings Entertainment released Jasper Loco's 4th solo project "Product Of The Block". The album features artists such as Kryptonite, Lyric, Lil Vee, OG Joker, Sick Jacken, Bigg Bandit, King Lil G, Drummer Boy, Seven, Kozme, Oso Vicious and more. To promote the release a little bit more Jasper Loco released a video for the title track "Product Of The Block" featuring Sick Jacken and OG Joker late last year. If you ask me it's a really dope song, so don't miss to check it out! To watch the video click here or on the link in the tracklist. If you like what you hear make sure to pick up the album online from digital music stores such as Amazon or iTunes. If you live in California you should also be able to get a physical since I've seen pictures of it on Instagram.

01. Tell Me What It Is (feat. Kryptonite)
02. CEO (feat. Lyric, Lil Vee, Jameson)
03. Growing Up (feat. OG Joker, Na Mean)
04. Southern Cali (feat. Cutter Kings, Jameson, 100 Grand Man)
05. Have It All
06. I'm Dying Rich (feat. OG Joker)
07. Product Of The Block (feat. Sick Jacken, Cynic)
08. My Whole Life (feat. Bigg Bandit, OG Joker, LR)
09. The Mob (feat. OG Joker)
10. Strip Da Night (feat. King Lil G, Drummer Boy)
11. The Hustle (feat. OG Joker)
12. I Got That (feat. Gutter Kings)
13. I'm A Bo$$ (feat. feat. Seven, I-Rocc)
14. Won't You Let It Be (feat. Seven, I-Rocc)
15. Make Money (feat. Gutter Kings)
16. Keep It On The Low
17. Spruce Block Memories 81016 (feat. OG Joker)
18. Nothing Will Change (feat. OG Joker)
19. Ms. Right Now [BONUS TRACK] (feat. Kozme, Oso Vicious)
20. Product Of The Block [BONUS TRACK MUSIC VIDEO VERSION] (feat. Sick Jacken, OG Joker)

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