"Thuggery... A Near Death Experience" by Crhymes is out now

Chrymes - Thuggery A Near Death Experience Chicano Rap

It has been quite some time since we have last heard from Crhymes right here on CalifaRap. Already back in February the San Diego based MC returned to the scene with his latest album "Thuggery... A Near Death Experience". Featuers include Mr. Lil One, Bizzy Bone, Layzie Bone, Snoop Dogg, Ecay Uno and more. As usual you are able to get your digital copy from all digital music stores such as Amazon, Google Play and iTunes. If you are interested in a pressed copy you can hit up Crhymes himself on his official Instagram account which can reached by clicking here.

01. Thuggery (Intro)
02. Frankenstein
03. Just A Child
04. Old Me
05. Medicine Of The Earth (Interlude) (feat. Mom)
06. Dark Times (feat. Bizzy Bone, Licwit)
07. En California (feat. Mr. Lil One)
08. The Ride (feat. Ecay Uno)
09. On The West Side (feat. Snoop Dogg, King Cee, Looselyric)
10. Money Everywhere (feat. Kanye West)
11. Take Control (feat. Layzie Bone, Bgnius, Tyrone Southern Gravel)
12. Place I Love
13. A Near Death Experience (Outro)

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The Boyboy West Coast's debut release "Playboy Gangsta" is out now

The Boyboy West Coast - Playboy Gangsta Chicano Rap

I'm sure most of you haven't heard about Santa Barbara based artist The Boyboy West Coast yet. Earlier this month he released his debut mixtape/ album "Playboy Gangsta". Features include Sleepy Malo, Enemy from Most Wanted, Maldito from the 805 Clicka, Kayla Marie, Loelitah, Tory Lanez, Raskal Loko, Cee, V-Dare, Tatt'd G, JGOTB, Emmanuel Sings, Wreckless and Lito G. If you want you can listen to the release for free on his official soundcloud.com page by clicking here. If I'm not mistaking you can get your version for about $5 directly from him over at his official Instagram account.

01. Sleep On You (feat. Tory Lanez)
02. Aint Hard Enough (feat. Maldito, Raskal Loko)
03. If I Showed You (feat. Cee)
04. Work You (feat. V-Dare)
05. Been A Thug (feat. Sleepy Malo, Enemy)
06. I Just Wanna (feat. Tatt'd G, JGOTB)
07. Maybe We Can Kick It (feat. Emmanuel Sings)
08. Put It On Ya (feat. Wreckless, Kayla Marie)
09. Oh I Oh
10. Side Bitch Callin' (feat. Lito G)
11. Take You Home (feat. JGOTB)
12. Venting
13. Feelin' Up (feat. Loelitah, JGOTB)

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Cuete Yeska returns with volume 5 of "Love Stories" album series

Cuete Yeska - Love Stories 5 Chicano Rap

12 years after releasing "Love Stories... The Mix Tape" is Cuete Yeska back with volume 5 of his "Love Stories" album series. The exact title is "Love Stories 5... It's Complicated". On the websites of the digital music stores it says that it was released March, 9th but according to a post on his official Instagram account it seems as it was actually released today. I just finished skipping through the album on Spotify and need to say that it seems to be a pretty solid release. Features seem to be pretty rare as I only heard other artists on the choruses including D. Salas who also produced some of the songs. If you are interested you can get it from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes now.

01. Ever Since Ever Since
02. Just Friends
03. If You Were Mine
04. I Can't Wait Another Minute
05. Fool For You
06. If Only You Knew
07. Single
08. Rain
09. Romeo And Juliet
10. Say It Isn't So
11. It Ain't Over Til Its Over
12. Lost In Love
13. Could You Ever Love Me
14. Don't Be Scared Listen
15. Perfect Melody
16. Torn
17. Goodbye

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Loco Negro is already back with new solo album "The Lost Tapes Pt. 2"

Loco Negro - The Lost Tapes Pt. 2 Chicano Rap

The last couple of months Loco Negro has been really busy as he has released 4 albums in less than a year. The latest LP "The Lost Tapes Pt. 2" follows his collaboration album with Bozo which was released last month. "The Lost Tapes Pt. 2" features Buyo Ryda Fo'show and Drummer Boy. The digital copy can be bought at Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and all other digital music outlets. According to a post on his official Instagram account he's supposed to release 4 albums this year which means that we can await 2 more LPs from him anytime this year. For sure we will bring you all information about the upcoming releases as soon as they are out, so keep checking back!

01. I Aint Goin' Down
02. Live It Up
03. Blues Crib (feat. Buyo Ryda Fo'sho)
04. Letter 2 The Congregation
05. Move On
06. Brighter Day (feat. Drummer Boy, Buyo Ryda Fo'sho)
07. Word 2 God
08. Let It Go
09. Madrecita
10. All He Has Left

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Introducing the newest Southland Gangster Big Al

Big Al Chicano Rap

After being featured on Mister D's and Ese Bobby's collaboration LP "Real Brothers" as well as being featured on the latest SL Entertainment release "The Next Episode" is Big Al, the newest Southland Gangster, getting ready to release his 1st solo album. The last couple of days he posted 2 possible covers of the album with two different titles on his official Instagram account. Right now it looks like the album will be called either "Aztec Legend" or "West Side Story". On YouTube you are able to find 2 music videos by Big Al, one which is introducing him rapping over an old school sample and one for the song "West Coast Here" featuring Chino 40. Besides the music videos you can also find a video interview with him over at the official SL Entertainment YouTube page by clicking here.

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Steel Banging Musick put out "Against All Odds" by Lyrik Cruz

Lyrik Cruz - Against All Odds Chicano Rap

March 9th, Steel Banging Musick released Lyrik Cruz's new album "Against All Odds". The LP which contains of 12 all new songs features Steel Banging Musick CEO Midget Loco, J Cas, Hennesy Marie, Smitty, DB, Sheri and Dope Man. Over at the official label YouTube page you are able to listen to snippets of the album as well as the song "Higher" featuring Hennesy Marie. If you want to listen to the snippets click here, if you want to listen to the full song click in the tracklist. As always you are able to get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. We have no idea if there will be pressed copies or not.

01. Against All Odds (Intro)
02. Flex
03. Wanna Be (feat. J Cas)
04. Athletics (feat. Hennesy Marie, Midget Loco)
05. Dark Hallways (feat. Smitty, DB)
06. Servin (feat. Sheri, J Cas)
07. Higher (feat. Hennesy Marie)
08. Love That (feat. Dope One)
09. How About You
10. Kill Or Be Killed (feat. Hennesy Marie, J Cas)
11. Rooftops (feat. Dope One)
12. Beautiful Rose (Outro)

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New "Domesick" LP by Mr. Lil One is out now

Mr. Lil One - Domesick Chicano Rap

Chicano Rap legend Mr. Lil One released his brand new album "Domesick" March, 4th. I just finished listening to it and think that it's another dope record by Lil Uno. My favorite song is "Long Time" which samples the Barbara Lewis classic "Hello Stranger". His flow on this one is sick. As a little gift to all his loyal fans he also released 7 of the 13 songs from the album for free download on his official soundcloud.com page. If you want to pick up the LP, which will be a digital only release, you can get it from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or wherever good music is sold. Here's the complete tracklist:

01. Intro
02. What Have You Done
03. Sick With Me
04. Loser
05. Moment
06. Long Time
07. Welcome To
08. Execution
09. I Want You To Suffer
10. Dedicated
11. Spooky Music
12. Stop Pushing Me Away
13. Apologize

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Spooky and Malow Mac present "West Coast Alliance 3"

VA - West Coast Alliance 3 Chicano Rap

Malow Mac released volume 3 of his "West Coast Alliance" compilation series through M.O.B.G Entertainment on Tuesday. Unfortunately does the tracklist of the digital version not include the complete list of all involved artists. From what we know it featuers at least Malow Mac, Trouble P, Conejo, I Suppose, YBe, Loomis, L-Boy, Carolyn Rodriguez, Biens, Sleepy Malo, Solo Sinatra and Nefarious Mexica. The album also includes the latest hit single called "Fuck Your Wall" which was already released in January. Just a couple of weeks ago the video for the song "Last One to Leave" by Trouble P hit YouTube. Late 2016 saw the release of the video for "Mexica Lindo" performed by Nefarious Mexica, Solo Sinatra and Sleepy Malo. Both videos can be seen by clicking on the respective link below. If you like what you hear and see you can get your digital copy from Amazon or Google Play.

01. Fuck Your Wall
02. Lay Low
03. Summertime
04. Last One To Leave
05. Streets I'm From
06. Smoke Tonight
07. Cali Ways
08. Revolve It
09. Don't Change Me
10. Go Broke
11. 818 In This
12. Let The Record Spin
13. Can't Imagine
14. Southside
15. Big Thangs
16. Down For You
17. Mexico Lindo

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Check out our new and exclusive interview with Wicked from Brownside

Wicked Chicano Rap

A day late on the website, but yesterday we released a brand new interview with Chicano Rap legend Wicked from Brownside. For sure he lets us know more about the beginning of his rap career including how he started rapping and how he ended up working with Toker. After that we go on discussing his solo albums as well as all Brownside albums he has been featured on more detailed. I think especially his answer about the "Wicked's Transa" LP is really interesting. Another topic which is getting touched is Brownside's affiliation with Eazy-E and Ruthless Records. After talking about the concert he did under the name Arsenal we finally start to talk about the present including the reason that made him come back to the Chicano Rap game and what we can expect from him in the future. If you want to hear the interview just move over to our interviews section by clicking here.

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Dominator released 3rd funk single "Scandal"

Dominator - Scandal Chicano Rap

After releasing "Love Rejection" and "Fast & Crazy" in 2017 is Dominator back with 3 funk single called "Scandal" which was released March, 3rd.. Like "Fast & Crazy" it features female vocalist Loelitah. A video for the song hit YouTuve last Sunday and can be seen by clicking here. If you like what hear and see you can buy the song from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes by clicking on the respective link. In other Dominator related news we are also still trying to get part 2 of our interview with him, so keep an eye open for that. If you haven't heard part 1 where we discuss all classic Central Coast Clique releases and more click here.

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Tyrant's debut "Separate Me From The Rest" is making noise

Tyrant - Separate Me From The Rest Chicano Rap

March, 2nd Tyrant released his debut album "Separate Me From The Rest". The 1st time I've heard about him was on Mr. Capone-E's 9th album of the year 2017 where he was on the song "Gardenas Best Kept Secret". They also released a video for it which can be seen by clicking here. The last couple of weeks Tyrant has dropped 3 more videos to promote his solo project including visuals for "Backstreets", "I Can't" and "Don't Lie". Each video can be seen by clicking on the respective link below. As usual you are able to get your digital copy of "Separate Me From The Rest" from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and so on.

01. Intro (Backyard Freestyle)
02. Backstreets
03. I Can't
04. Don't Lie
05. Homie Love
06. Wonder If They Know
07. Still
08. Everybody Wanna Be Down
09. G Ridin
10. Cruising In My Chevy
11. Separate Me From The Rest
12. Everyday Thang
13. Outro (Tonight Freestyle)

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Conejo's new song "Not My Style" hit YouTube

Conejo Chicano Rap

No 2 weeks after being released from prision did Conejo release his 1st new song called "Not My Style" yesterday. The Kast N Fame produced song samples "That Ain't My Style" by The Main Ingredient. To listen to it over at the official Sinister Kingdom Music YouTube channel click here. Since I've always been a fan of the original song this cut is a "must listen" to me. Just a day before "Not My Style" hit the internet Conejo also released a short video which can be seen by clicking here. The 1st official picture of Conejo has been posted by Predikt from Valleros Inc over at his Instagram account during the week.

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Young Trav finally released "Stomping Grounds" album

Young Trav - Stomping Grounds Chicano Rap

3 months after releasing "One Of A Kind" is Young Trav back with his newest album "Stomping Grounds". It has actually taken him quite some time to finally put this one out as he already promoted this as his upcoming LP back in 2016. I have no idea why it has been pushed back that long but it was worth the wait as it's packed with 25 songs. Features include Bad Azz, Y.B.V, MC Eiht, Big2DaBoy, Knightowl, Baby Wicked, SinGee, L-Boy, Lil Sicko and more. As usual you are able to get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or wherever digital music is sold. I have no idea if he will release pressed copies but if you are interested hit up Young Trav directly through his official Instagram account by clicking here.

01. These Rappers All Talk
02. Brown Superman
03. Stare Are Out (feat. Bad Azz)
04. Disappear
05. What I've Done
06. Bar Exam (feat. Y.B.V)
07. King Of California
08. Stay Strapped
09. Live Better
10. Don't Test It (feat. MC Eiht, Big2DaBoy)
11. Ain't Nobody (feat. Knightowl)
12. My City
13. Last Forever
14. Act So Brave
15. Get It On With Me (feat. Knightowl)
16. Mistakes (feat. Baby Wicked)
17. Never Again (feat. Y.B.V)
18. Never Listen (feat. SinGee)
19. Keep It Gangsta (feat. Knightowl)
20. Rap Or Die (feat. Big2DaBoy, Y.B.V)
21. Throw Yo Hood Up (feat. Big2DaBoy, MI)
22. Protect Mine (feat. Y.B.V)
23. Stay Alive (feat. Stop Loak, L-Boy)
24. All About Survival (feat. Knightowl, Lil Sicko)
25. You Best Not Ever (feat. Knightowl)

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Get Gangsta L's "Money Don't Sleep 2" project

Gangsta L - Money Dont Sleep 2 Chicano Rap

Yesterday marked the release of Gangsta L's new LP "Money Don't Sleep 2", the sequel to "Money Don't Sleep" which was released in 2016. To promote the project he also put out a new visiual for the song "Streets Love Nobody" which can be seen by clicking here or by clicking on the link below. Featured artists include Mr. Shadow, YBe, Young Drummer, Allen Paris, Kozme and more. If you want you can download the album for free from datpiff.com. If you want to support Gangsta L then you are also able to buy it from all digital music stores such as Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. Here's the tracklist including the whole list of features:

01. Stay Down 2 Come Up (feat. Richfvce)
02. Streets Love Nobody
03. Lavish
04. G Body [REMIX] (feat. Kozme)
05. Self Made
06. Chasing My Paper (feat. Iamchosn, Walker)
07. She Earned It (feat. Iamchosn)
08. Hustle Time (feat. Young Drummer, Iamchosn)
09. Switch Blades (feat. Iamchosn, Walker)
10. Enemigos (feat. Paul Daniel, Mr. Shadow)
11. Your Last (feat. Allen Paris)
12. Word Around Town (feat. Iamchosn, True A)
13. Deticated
14. Give It To You (feat. Ambrosia, YBe)
15. End Of Days (feat. Fingaprint, Lifestilo)
16. Officer Down (feat. Chance Amillion)

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Ski Mask Mafia released "Mistaken Identity" LP

Ski Mask Mafia - Mistaken Identity Chicano Rap

Earlier this month the Ski Mask Mafia released its long awaited album "Mistaken Identity". The group consists of artists such as YBe, Smilone, Tazz, Playdeville, Hustle Boy, Cali Boy and more. After releasing 3 videos and after building a good buzz the LP was finally released February, 7th. The videos can all be seen by clicking on the respective links below. If you like what you hear and see you have 2 options, you can go to datpiff.com and download "Mistaken Identity" for free by clicking here, or you can go to Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and support them by picking up your digital copy.

01. Mistaken Identity
02. Rider
03. Game That We Play
04. F.A.M.E
05. Missing You
06. Take A Toke
07. 24/7
08. Doin Dirt
09. Product Of The Streets
10. On A Mission
11. Wit It
12. Loyalty

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