AceOneEight released his 3rd solo "Not For Sale"

AceOneEight - Not For Sale Chicano Rap

After releasing 2 albums with M.O.B.G Entertainment is 818 based rapper AceOneEight back with his 3rd solo album called "Not For Sale". After parting ways with his former label he released this one independently. Featured artists include Valley Boy, Reseat, Danny Zico, Locust and Itai. As usual these days you can get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or from wherever digital music is sold. So far I haven't found the time to listen to the album but I really liked the sound of his first two records and hope that the new one will follow in their footsteps.

01. Sippin' On Somethin' (feat. Valley Boy)
02. Out To Play (feat. Reseat)
03. April 27
04. Prove (feat. Danny Zico)
05. Best Believe
06. Famous
07. Major (feat. Locust)
08. I.G.A.F (feat. Danny Zico)
09. Like Me
10. Till My Heart Stop (feat. Itai)

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