After being in the making for years "Thirteen Hundreth Block Boys" is out now

Chino Grande - Thirteen Hundreth Block Boys Chicano Rap

One of Chicano Rap's "problems" is that certain artists have always been in and out of prison which delayed their albums. A prime example for that is Chino Grande's "Thirteen Hundreth Block Boys" LP which is finally released today, 6 years after his last solo effort "Trust Your Struggle". The album features Jokes aka Richard Cabral aka Baby Jokes, G Perico, Ricky Hil and Baby Bash. "Thirteen Hundreth Block Boys" consists of 16 songs which have recorded a couple of years ago as well as recently. A limited amount of pressed copies is available on the official Urban Kings Music Group website. For sure you can also get the digital version from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. I listened to the album earlier and need to say that it has some banging songs, so check it out!

01. Prayer Before We Start (feat. Jokes aka Richard Cabral)
02. Under The Sun
03. Kings Crown
04. Dollars & Pesos
05. Cold Out Here
06. Lets Take A Joyride
07. Bread On These Streets (feat. G Perico)
08. Thats All I Know
09. About This Life
10. Doing My Thing
11. On My Cell Phone
12. I Run These Streets (feat. Ricky Hil)
13. Against All Odds
14. Searching For Sunshine
15. Should Have Known Better (feat. Baby Bash)
16. Masterpiece (feat. Baby Bash)

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