Al Gramz's "Game For Sale Vol. 2" is out now

Al Gramz - Game For Sale Vol.2 Chicano Rap

Earlier this month did Al Gramz release his first album of the year "Game For Sale Vol. 2". The new LP contains of 11 all new songs mostly produced by the artist himself. All the tracks carry a smooth, Gangster Rap vibe. Al Gramz says that he's been working on beats and learning the process and that he has close to 50 beats stacked ready for selection. Some of the cuts on "Game For Sale Vol. 2" are mixed by Ernie G from Proper Dos. As usual you can buy it from Amazon, iTunes and wherever digital music is sold. I just finished skipping through the record on Spotify and need to say I really like the vibe it provides.

01. Intro
02. 20 Past 4
03. Yellow Tape
04. Wouldn't Listen
05. Guilty By Association
06. Ghetto Fab
07. Certified
08. At The Round Table
09. Get Dat Bag (feat. Lil Weirdo)
10. Get In Where You Fit In
11. Ain't Done Yet

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