"Brown Pride Riders Vol. 5" is out now

VA - Brown Pride Riders Vol. 5 Chicano Rap

Yesterday Low Profile Records released the long awaited 5th volume of their infamous "Brown Pride Riders" compilation series. Featured artists include Royal T, Lil Bandit, Kush Boy, Rob aka OB, Bizz, Mr. Shadow, Mr. Sancho, Califa Thugs, DTTX, Proper Dos and more. To promote the album they arleady released a video for the song "Brown Pride Riders" which can be seen by clicking here. More videos are supposed to hit YouTube the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye open. It should be no surprise that you can get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play and wherever digital music is sold. If you want to add the CD to your collection you can get it from their official online store over at lowprofilerecordsstore.com. I was able to listen to the album yesterday and need to say that "Brown Pride Riders Vol. 5" is really dope Chicano Rap album which every true Chicano Rap fan should have in his collection.

01. Royal T - Intro
02. Royal T - Brown Pride Riders (feat. Kush Boy, Lil Bandit, Rob aka OB)
03. Royal T - The Wicked West Coast (feat. Lil Bandit, Rob aka OB)
04. Royal T - Fuck Trump (feat. Kush Boy, Lil Bandit, Rob aka OB)
05. Califa Thugs - We Know Your Watching Us
06. Mr. Shadow - Natural High (feat. Royal T, Lil Bandit, Bizz)
07. Lil Bandit - Your Not A Gangster (feat. Big Twist, Rob aka OB)
08. Lil Bandit - Smoke With You (feat. Royal T, Mr. Sancho, Rob aka OB)
09. Royal T - You Really Wanna Know (feat. Kush Boy, Rob aka OB)
10. Big Swisha - Blaze It Up (feat. O.G Playboy, Royal T, Rob aka OB)
11. Kush Boy - If It Ain't A Chevy (feat. Royal T, Lil Bandit, Rob aka OB)
12. Mr. Sancho - Celebrate Tonight (feat. Lil Bandit, Royal T, Rob aka OB)
13. DTTX - Tonight's The Night (feat. Proper Dos, Lil Bandit, So Fine)
14. Bizz - Cruise Down To The Taco Shop (feat. Rob aka OB, Kush Boy, Lil Bandit)
15. Royal T - So Excited (feat. Rob aka OB, Lil Bandit)
16. Rob aka OB - We Gonna Bang On Em (feat. Royal T, Lil Bandit)
17. Royal T - Low Pro Mix 2018

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