Calmex Music Group continues to re-release classic Aztec Tribe music

Aztec Tribe - What If Chicano Rap

As you know has Calmex Music Group already re-released the Aztec Tribe classics "Straight From Tha Zone" and "Desperados". Besides that they also released Shade's solo album "Grey Skies". End of June they re-released the 3rd Aztec Tribe album called "What If". The LP which was originally released in the early 2000s (if I'm not mistaking) features artists such L. Foxy, Shandy, June Bug Spade, Michelle Ambriz and Nino. Since I don't think there will be pressed copies you can move over to Amazon, Google Play or iTunes to buy the digital version of this San Diego classic.

01. Intro
02. What If
03. Ask Someone (feat. L. Foxy)
04. Playaz And Hustlaz (feat. Shandy)
05. By Your Side
06. Everybody Bounce (feat. June Bug Spade)
07. Phonies (feat. Shandy)
08. Paranoid (feat. L. Foxy)
09. Make It Hot
10. Throw It Up
11. Changes (feat. Michelle Ambriz)
12. Desperados (feat. Shandy)
13. Currency (feat. L. Foxy)
14. Get Your Hustle On (feat. Shandy)
15. Break Beat
16. Whatcha Want From Me (feat. L. Foxy)
17. Come And Get It (feat. Nino)
18. Take A Ride (feat. Shandy)
19. Mind Games

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