Calmex Music Group is getting ready to release some new music

Calmex Music Group Chicano Rap

It seems that the CEO of Calmex Music Group, MTO, is coming full force in 2018. A lot of people thought that the label was slowly going under, but those rumors seem to be false. Calmex has signed Dream Nasty to the label and is releasing "Payed My Dues" on December, 13th. The song features ex Calmex artist Stalker Loko as well as Smokey Loco. The label also just signed regional singer Andres Reyna and is set to release the newest single "El Muro" which is sure to be an anthem to the Latino people, a powerful song vs. the president of the USA, Donald Trump. Calmex is also set to sign 3 more artist in January and set to sign 2-3 artist every month in 2018. The coming year is definitely going to be a great one for Calmex Music Group. You can stay updated on their official website at

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