Calmex Music Group re-releases Aztec Tribe classic "Straight From Tha Zone"

Aztec Tribe - Straight From Tha Zone Chicano Rap

Today Calmex Music Group re-releases a Chicano Rap classic classic called "Straight From Tha Zone" by San Diego based group Aztec Tribe. Here are official quotes from the label and its CEO M.T.O: "Aztec Tribe was a well established rap group in the early 90s who gained fame with their early 90s release "Diego Town". Soon after in 1995 they would release this album ("Straight From Tha Zone"), that is being re-released and a remaster copy. San Diego independent record label Calmex Music Group releases a limited amount of physical copies and digitally worldwide for the fans to own a piece of Chicano Rap history. CEO of Calmex M.T.O released this statement to the Aztec Tribe members: "You guys are the reason I followed my dreams in my music career. So I owe this to the fans. You guys have real music and you guys need to take a chance on it. What you guys are. You guys are pioneers in the game. If it succeeds then it does. And if it doesn’t well at least we gave it a shot!!!". This remastered copy is worth owning. Produced and Mastered by legend Madman...". To get the limited physical edition check out the official Calmex Music Group website by clicking here. The digital version can be bought over at Amazon, CDBaby, Google Play and iTunes.

01. Intro
02. Commin' In Stalkin
03. Everybody Bounce (feat. Lil One)
04. Something For The Homies
05. Madman
06. Step Into Tha Hood
07. Straight From Tha Zone
08. Rollin' In My Ride
09. Do Ya Wanna Funk
10. T.R.I.B.E
11. Caught Slippin'
12. Outro

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