Check out Big Al's debut album "Raised By G's"

Big Al - Raised By G's Chicano Rap

Despite starting his professional rap career with SL Entertainment did Big Al release his debut album "Raised By G's" through Famfirst Empire May, 10th. The Canoga Park native teamed up with Leatherface and Famfirst, who are the only featues on the 9 track LP. If you want to get your digital copy move over to Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. If and when he's going to release an album with SL Entertainment remains to be seen, but for sure we will keep you updated. For more information about Big Al you can also follow his official Instagram account by clicking here.

01. Raised By G's
02. West Side
03. No Stopping
04. Stupid Wit It (feat. Leatherface)
05. Live My Life
06. Hating
07. Dollar & A Dream
08. Bang Your Clique
09. Got The Squad (feat. Famfirst)

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