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There hasn't been much to report about the last couple of days. However this doesn't mean that we haven't updated CalifaRap with the latest we and Chicano Rap have to offer. All new music videos can be seen in the Videos section. Today we also added new content to the CalifaRap Classics as well as the Throwbacks section. The CalifaRap Classics section contains old interviews we have done since we started this website. The latest addition is an interview with MTO which was recorded when they released their 2nd album "San Diego 2 Los Angeles". Other artists you will find in there include Lil Menace, Baby Wicked, Mister D & Ese Bobby, Cuete Yeska and many more. The Throwbacks section includes reviews of older Chicano Rap albums. The section is supposed to put these oldies but goodies back in the limelight. Most of the reviews are done by our member 2xDope who has some really good knowledge about the game. His latest update reviews "Here's To You" by Lawless. Names you will also find in that section include Lil Rob, LSD, Brown Pride, Norwalks Most Wanted and more. All mentioned sections can be reached by using the respective link in the main menu. Make sure to check the sections on a regular basis as new updates are not announced individually.

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