Check out Diablo's 3rd Crime Family Entertainment LP "True Stories"

Diablo - True Stories Chicano Rap

Back in March Diablo released his latest LP "True Stories" through Mr. Criminal's Crime Family Entertainment. The album, which is already his 3rd Crime Family Entertainment release, features artists such as Mr. Criminal, Paul Daniel, Y-Be, Obnoxious, Ojay The Great, Krooks The Felon, Oxnard Pugz and more. It also includes the remix to to his hit "From A Gang". Besides working on the music he was also busy putting out 4 videos to promote the LP. To watch the videos click on the links below. To buy the digital version move over to Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or to wherever digital music is sold.

01. What They Want (feat. Paul Daniel)
02. Bout It
03. On A Mission (feat. Y-Be)
04. Still Tripping (feat. Obnoxious)
05. All Blue
06. Back In The Day (feat. Ojay The Great)
07. From A Gang [REMIX] (feat. Krooks The Felon, Oxnard Pugz, Mr. Criminal)
08. Backwoods N Hennessy (feat. Obnoxious)
09. True Stories (feat. Mr. Criminal, Sinner)
10. Set It Off (feat. King Trip)
11. Don't Make Sense
12. Not The Same (feat. Krooks The Felon)
13. In The Field

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