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Lil Sicko - Stackin A Grip Chicano Rap

As announced we are back with the article about Lil Sicko's latest solo album "Stackin A Grip" which was released early March this year. When it comes to features you are going to hear Ese Kartune, Hectic Uno, Infinite, Kev Classik, Mak, Iceberg, Mister Uno, Uno 420, Stranger, Lonely and Sinek. Today I finally had the chance to listen to the complete record and need to say that it is a really solid Chicano Rap album. The song "For A While" been on repeat for a few plays. I think I don't have to tell you that you can get the digital version from the known places such as Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.

01. The Land (feat. Ese Kartune, Hectic Uno, Infinite)
02. Flippin' That Money (feat. Kev Classik)
03. I Know (feat. Ese Kartune, Mak)
04. For A While (feat. Iceberg)
05. Hate On (feat. Mister Uno)
06. Lane To Lane (feat. Uno 420)
07. Walk A Mile
08. Riverside (feat. Stranger)
09. Stay Getting It (feat. Lonely)
10. Tell Me Nothing (feat. Sinek)

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