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Sikc One The Great - Not For The Average Mind Chicano Rap

Sikc One The Great, an independent artist from Bakersfield, released his 10th album "Not For The Average Mind" March, 9th. Featured artists are The Crazy Visionary and Eddie Brock. Sikc One The Great says about this project: "This album is different from all first projects, straight underground Hip Hop! On this one i showed off my lyrical and storytelling ability mostly based of me.". Over the last couple of months he has released 3 videos to support the release. Each video can be seen by clicking on the respective link below. The album can be bought from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. No Joke
02. Twisted (feat. The Crazy Visionary)
03. N4tam
04. The Devils Contract (feat. Eddie Brock)
05. Sky Trumpet Sounds
06. NBA
07. Arte Del Siglo XXI
08. Pray For Me
09. New World Order
10. Fuck Donald Trump
11. Cruzin Slow

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