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Joker Chicano Rap

Our CalifaRap Community members ThaKriminalWA and Kultura714 teamed up to bring us a new and exclusive interview with Joker from LSD aka the Lyrical Sound Dealers. The former did the interview while the latter took care of the editing. Thank you both! For sure you get to know more about Joker's early rapping days with LSD and the N'Land Clique, his time at Familia Records which also includes his connection to other artists from the label. Another interesting topic includes his opinion about his "Southside Gangster (13)" album. But you do not only learn about his past as he goes on to tell you what he is currently working on including his son's music. Overall ThaKriminal and Kultura714 bring us an interview every true Chicano Rap fan shouldn't, so click here to listen.

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