Check out Youngsta's "Gucci... Print Mixtape"

Youngsta - Gucci... Print Mixtape Chicano Rap

Orange County based artist Youngsta released his latest project "Gucci... Print Mixtape" to digital stores September, 3rd. Back in August he released a video for the song "Foreign Whips" which is also featured on the album/ mixtape/ EP. You can click here or on the link below to watch it. If you are interested you can get the project from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes or check it out on Spotify. For more information about Youngsta you can also check out his official Instagram profile. Earlier this year he released another video for the song "We Getting Money" which is not featured on "Gucci... Print Mixtape".

01. Intro (Freestyle)
02. Foreign Whips
03. Steady On The Grind
04. Solo
05. First Coince - Fct Song
06. Game Tight
07. How To Hustle (Outro)

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