Chicano Rap classic hits digital stores 24 years after original release

Slow Pain - The Baby OG Chicano Rap

All the way back in 1995 Thump Records released Slow Pain's debut solo album "The Baby OG". 24 years after the original date Thump Records finally released it to digital music stores earlier this year. If you ask me it was more than overdue to have one of the best Chicano Rap albums available online. If you don't own a physical copy of this masterpiece move over to Amazon, Google Play or iTunes to get it now! In case you haven't done it yet, click here to read 2xDope's exclusive review of this Chicano Rap classic. We still hope that Slow Pain will return and give his fans what they want, a final record...

01. Intro - The Funky Funk Bomb
02. Baby OG'z
03. Slow Pain Baby (To The Left To The Right)
04. Money Maid (Fallin' In Love)
05. Ride Wit Me
06. Saturday Night Ballin'
07. Wicked Ass Funk
08. So Many City's
09. If You Get High
10. My Trigger Finger
11. We On A Mission
12. Saturday Night Ballin' [REMIX]

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