"City Of Bangers" by the G'd Up Gangsters was released yesterday

G'd Up Gangsters - City Of Bangers Chicano Rap

Yesterday saw the release of the new G'd Up Gangsters album "City Of Bangers" by Cirkulo Asesino Entertainment. For the new LP did Di and The Lils team up with artists such as Spanky Loco, Lyrik Cruz, C.O.A Click, Midget Loco, Stomper, Brown Shady and more. Over at the official G'd Up Gangsters YouTube page you are able to listen to snippets. Amazon, Google Play and iTunes all carry the digital release. Talking about the digital platforms, earlier this year they also re-released some of their older albums which haven't been available digitally before.

01. Roll The Weed (feat. Spanky Loco)
02. Still G'd Up
03. Day One
04. Aint That Quick (feat. Juan Gambino, Lyrik Cruz)
05. Always Come Real
06. Blokc Boy
07. City Of Bangers
08. They Dont Love Me (feat. COA Click)
09. Homies On The Blokc (feat. Midget Loco, Stomper)
10. Real Spit
11. You Aint With It
12. Grew Up On The Blokc
13. Prometimos No Llorar (feat. Ese Playboy)
14. Back In The Day (feat. Sam G)
15. Its Just One Of Those Days (feat. Ese Playboy, La Babydoll)
16. Double Up (feat. Brown Shady)
17. Outro

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