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VA - Selo Presents... Radio Requests Chicano Rap

Selo put out a new compilation called "Selo Presents... Radio Requests" a couple of weeks ago. The compilation includes a mix old and new love songs. Featured artists include Selo himself, Lil Cuete, NB Ridaz, Sykk One, Fingazz, Nino Brown, Slow Pain, Rigo Luna, Brown Boy, Baby Bash, Dave Biggs, Lyrik, Lil Blacky, Jah Free, D. Salas and more. If you ask me that's a really good line-up of artists. You can buy the digital version from Amazon, CDBaby, Google Play, iTunes and all other digital music stores. To stay up to date with Selo and his music you can also follow him on Instagram by clicking here.

01. Selo - You (feat. Lil Cuete, Pangie)
02. Selo - Unforgettable (feat. NB Ridaz, Sykk One)
03. Johnny C - So Good (feat. Paige, Fingazz)
04. Nino Brown - Love U Down (feat. Slow Pain, Rayleen)
05. Brown Boy - Smile For Me (feat. Rigo Luna)
06. Selo - Intro You (feat. Clint Gamboa)
07. Sykk One - My Everything (feat. Duece L)
08. Ruben G - Bonnie & Clyde (feat. Fingazz)
09. Brown Boy - Alone Tonight (feat. Selo, Clint Gamboa)
10. Nino Brown - Eye Candy (feat. Baby Bash, Princess Mia)
11. Selo - Body Sang (feat. Sykk One)
12. Selo - Whenever (feat. Pangie)
13. Dave Biggs - Neon Lights (feat. Lyrik)
14. Selo - Anything For You (feat. Lil Blacky, Pangie)
15. NB Ridaz - Missing You (feat. Selo, Paige)
16. Brown Boy - Wifey (feat. Big Meech, Doujah The Kid, Jah Free)
17. Zig Zag - Come Back To Me (feat. Selo, D. Salas)
18. Selo - Let Me Show You (feat. Lil Blacky, Sykk One)
19. Paige - You Ain't The One (feat. Johnny C, Sykk One)
20. Johnny C - Thinkin' Bout Ya (feat. Paige)
21. Selo - Turn Off The Lights (feat. Sykk One)

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