Compilation "West Costa Nuestra Vol. 2" hit digital stores

VA - West Costa Nuestra Vol. 2 Chicano Rap

M.O.B.G Entertainment finally released its long awaited compilation "West Costa Nuestra Vol. 2" a couple of days ago. The compilation features the M.O.B.G Entertainment recording artists Gangster Twist, Sleepy Malo, Trouble P, other Chicano Rappers such as King Lil G, Conejo, DTTX, Midget Loco, Lil Blacky a gang of West Coast legends including Bad Azz, Squeak Ru (AllFrumTha I), Big Hutch (Above The Law), Rapping 4Tay, MC Eiht (Compton's Most Wanted) and many more. As usual you can buy the digital version from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. Bad Azz - Intro
02. Bad Azz - Let's Ride (feat. Squeak Ru, Big Hutch, Leather Face)
03. King Lil G - On The Westside (feat. Big Hutch, MC Eiht)
04. Young Drummer Boy - Gangstered Up (feat. Big Hutch)
05. MC Eiht - L.A Heat (feat. Gangster Twist, Bad Azz)
06. Conejo - Take That Chance (feat. Solo Sinatra, Compton Chapo)
07. Rapping 4Tay - Players Holiday (feat. Big Hutch)
08. MC Eiht - Just Another Day (feat. Squeak Ru, Big Hutch)
09. Young Drummer Boy - Our People (feat. Compton AV)
10. MC Eiht - Living In The Fast Lane (feat. Midget Loco, G-Love, Big Hutch)
11. Trouble P - Trippin (feat. Snoopy, Bad Azz)
12. Hollywood Donut - Pitbull (feat. O.Y.G Redrum 781, G-Love)
13. Mack 10 - Fresh [WEST COAST G MIXX] (feat. Squeak Ru, G-Love, Knockturnal, Bad Azz, Rapping 4Tay, MC Eiht, Big Hutch)
14. Bobby DTTX - How I Miss You (feat. Midget Loco, Lil Blacky, Sleepy Malo, Big Hutch)
15. MC Eiht - City Of Dreams (feat. AceOneEight)
16. Trouble P - Running The Streets (feat. Big Al)

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