Conejo and Kast N Fame teamed up once again

Conejo - Vendetta II Chicano Rap

In the 4th quarter of 2018 Conejo and Kast N Fame brought you a collaboration LP called "Vendetta". Now they are back to bring you another EP called "Vendetta II". To promote the release Conejo released a video for the song "No Love" featuring Stomper, who is also the only guest on the entire album. If you ask me it's a really nice video. To watch it click here or on the link below. I'd also like to mention that Kast N Fame did a really good on the cover as well. As usual you can by the digital version from all digital music stores including Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.

01. No Love (feat. Stomper)
02. Chase Story
03. Can't Live This Way
04. Game Over
05. Shine
06. Kast 'N' Fame Meditation

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