Conejo going to court again today

Conejo Chicano Rap

About a year ago Conejo was caught in Baja California after being on the run for more than a decade. Since then he's already been to court a couple of times. In response to a letter I sent him after one of his court dates he said: "Yeah, I did go to court the other day. ... I suppose it went well. That day I sent out 106 songs I had written.". Another court date is sheduled for today, so let's hope that this one goes well just like the other one. If you are interested in writing Conejo you can do so by sending your letters to the address posted below. I would also like to use the opportunity to remind you that you can get all his music from the known digital music stores. On Amazon you are also able to find pressed copies. As a little teaser check out his song "With The Homies" from the album "Crack House" which was released in 2015 by clicking here.

Terminal Annex
Jose Martin booking # 4845436
P O Box 86164
Los Angeles. California
90086- 0164

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