Conejo leaked full song with Toker and is getting ready to release "Favela IV"

Conejo Chicano Rap

Years after leaking a snippet of the song "Street Life" did Conejo finally release the full version of the cut him and Toker from Brownside recorded back in the days. To listen to it click here or on the link below. If you ask me it's a really dope track. As some of you might remember Conejo and Brownside were supposed to release or work on a collaboration LP in the mid 2000s. I would really like to see them finishing or start working on that. In other Conejo related news we were able to upload the cover of his upcoming album "Favela IV" to our Instagram account yesterday. If you haven't seen it yet click here. To my information he also already shot a video for a song called "P90 Ruger" which will be featured on "Favela IV".

Conejo & Toker - Street Life

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