Conejo released album #4 "Hood Star"

Conejo - Hood Star Chicano Rap

Compared to the time before he beat his case Conejo hasn't been releasing album after album. However that doesn't mean he hasn't been working on new music ever since his release. With "Hood Star" he released his already 4th album of the year. The digital copy can be bought from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and so on. If you prefer a physical copy don't forget that they will be available on Amazon as well, just with a little delay, so keep an eye open. I wouldn't be surprised if we also see a new video hitting YouTube to promote the release the next couple of days.

01. El Ache Uno
02. Bandolero Autentico
03. KastNFame
04. Fuck With Me
05. Cooking Meth
06. Hate The Flow
07. Bullet Riddled Bodies
08. Experimental
09. Fools Wishing
10. Hood Star

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