Conejo released album #5 and announced L.A concert

Conejo - Hood Star 2 Chicano Rap

November, 15th Conejo released his 5th album of the year called "Hood Star 2". The album consists of 10 all new songs and can be digitally purchased from Amazon, Google Play and iTunes. Don't forget that pressed copies are normally also available on Amazon with a little delay. In other news did Conejo announce a concert in Los Angeles called "Nightmare Before X-Mas". The event will take place December, 23rd. Other artists which are supposed to perform include Doll-E Girl, I Suppose, Troublesome and more. To see the official flyer click here. If you stay in the L.A area don't miss this event!

01. Think What
02. Lil Town
03. Que Retumbre La Bocina
04. Narcotic Agent
05. Glock 26
06. I Sniff Blow
07. Dope Beat Killer
08. The Get Down
09. Sixty Four Bars
10. Cocaine Crazed

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