Conejo released his first record in 2018

Conejo - Ski Mask Boy 2.5 Chicano Rap

After being released from prison a little bit more than a month ago did Conejo released his first record of 2018 "Ski Mask Boy 2.5" on Tuesday. The new album contains of 10 all new songs and features Stomper as well as Young Drummer Boy. A day later he also released a video for the song "Latin Lingo Dos" which features a lot of other Chicano Rappers such as Mister D from SL Entertainment, Enemy from Most Wanted Familia, Predikt from Valleros Inc, YBe and many more. To watch the video click here or on the link below. As usual you can get your digital copy Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or wherever digital music is sold.

01. I Go Hard Dos
02. Dance Floor With The Burner
03. How It Go Down (feat. Stomper)
04. Everything I Do
05. Latin Lingo Dos
06. The Game Is Over
07. Love Forever
08. Real In These Streets (feat. Young Drummer Boy)
09. Fall Back
10. Wholesale Slaughter Dos

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