Conejo released new solo album "Hood God 2... Pazuzu"

Conejo - Hood God 2... Pazuza Chicano Rap

Just a couple of days after releasing his long awaited collaboration LP with Stomper is Conejo already back with his new solo album "Hood God 2... Pazuzu". Last Wednesday he also released a video for the song "Semi Automatic" which can be seen by clicking here. I listened to the album when it came out and need to say that this is his best LP since he returned to California. If you are interested in a pressed you can get this limited piece from his official website The digital version is available from the known dealers including Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.

01. Believe That
02. Eliphas Levi
03. Never Slipping
04. Tell Me Is You Knowing
05. No Fear
06. Prince Of Darkness
07. Semi Automatic
08. Understand The Mess
09. Nosferatu
10. Killafornia Inferno
11. Don't Even Trip
12. King Con

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