Conejo released promised album "Favela IV"

Conejo - Favela IV Chicano Rap

Earlier this month we reported that Conejo is getting ready to release his next LP "Favela IV". It was just yesterady when the album finally saw the light of the day. The digital verison can be bought from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and wherever digital music is sold. Don't forget that Amazon is also carrying physical copies of his albums. "Favela IV" consists of 16 new songs and features Germ Free. The video for "P90 Ruger" is supposed to be released soon so keep an eye open for that. Over at the official Sinister Kingdom Music YouTube page you are able to listen to full version of "Feel The Funk", "Getting Mine" and "Triple X Society".

01. Introducao
02. Ghetto Lavish
03. Fallback Dos
04. Nao Tenho Nada
05. I'll Wait
06. P90 Ruger
07. Onde A Violencia Comeca
08. Getting Mine
09. Triple X Society (feat. Germ Free)
10. Minha Unica Opcao
11. Feel The Funk
12. Time For A Lil Ugly
13. Terror Sagrado
14. Dress To Impress
15. I Am A Champion
16. O Fim

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