Conejo's album #1 "Hood God" is out now

Conejo - Hood God Chicano Rap

When it comes to releasing new music Conejo finally started the year with his latest LP called "Hood God". The album consists of 10 all new songs and features Bugzy 2 Gunz as well as Misfit Soto and Baldacci who are both heard on the song "Presidential", for which they are going to release a video the next days. So keep an eye open for that. They released photos from the shoot and I need to say that it seems to be a really dope video, something different. From what I have heard Conejo will release at least one more video for the album after that. As usual you can get the digital version from the known online dealers such as Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. We Back In (feat. Bugzy 2 Gunz)
02. Light Em Up
03. Cuerno De Chivo
04. Quicksand
05. Truth Be Told
06. Highs And Lows
07. 64 Bars Dos
08. Dinero Sucio
09. Let Off
10. Presidential (feat. Misfit Soto, Baldacci)

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