Conejo's catalog keeps on growing with "West Adams" release

Conejo - West Adams Chicano Rap

Early March Conejo released his latest solo LP called "West Adams". The album consists of 11 songs and features Bugzy 2 Guns on 2 tracks. To promote the release there are visuals on YouTube including a double video for "Fugitivo Mi Suerte" and "Bossed' Up" as well as a video for "Shooter". If you ask me it's a really good album. If you like what you hear and see you can get your pressed copy including an autographed photo print from Conejo's official website by clicking here. As usual the digital can be bought from the known places such as Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. Fugitivo Mi Suerte
02. Bossed' Up
03. Cara Cortada
04. Giogio Armani
05. Poison
06. Big Guns
07. Shooter (feat. Bugzy 2 Guns)
08. Last Time
09. The Shipment
10. Skmob
11. Run The Jewels (feat. Bugzy 2 Guns)

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