Conejo went rock with "Planet Exile" EP

Conejo - Planet Exile Chicano Rap

Already a couple of weeks ago did Conejo release an EP called "Planet Exile". The interesting part about the EP is that it features Conejo rapping over rock music. If you ask me it's a really dope release which brings you a banging sound and definitely seperates itself from the "regular" Chicano Rap albums. The only bad thing to say about it is that it's an EP and hence only consists of 5 songs. As usual you can get it from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. When it comes to Conejo doing rock music he was also featured on a song by C.F.T.C called "Body Bag". The video for the song can be seen by clicking here.

01. Communication
02. Put The Pipe Down
03. The One Above
04. Step Into The Octagon
05. Wars And Rumors Of Wars

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