Crazy Boy released banging album "El Nino Loco"

Crazy Boy - Ek Nino Loco Chicano Rap

805 original Crazy Boy released his new record "El Nino Loco" a couple of days ago. So far you can get the digital version from Amazon, Google Play and iTunes. Pressed copies are supposed to be out in a couple of days as well, so keep an eye open. Featured artists include Kujo The Savage, King Trip, Lari The G, Triple C (Dominator and Rebel), Carolyn Rodriguez, Loelitah, Mr. Criminal and more. A video for the song "Test Me" can be seen by clicking here. I bought the album the day it came out and after giving it a close listen I need to say that this is my personal favorite Crazy Boy LP so far.

01. No Love (feat. TakeOffLila, Julius Caesar, Bako Loco)
02. Blessings (feat. Kujo The Savage)
03. LAX To HNL (feat. Aye Eyez, Chu Cho)
04. Test Me
05. Dead Prezidents (feat. Rascal Loco, Dinero)
06. One Day (feat. Shanice Armenta)
07. O.G Rap Shit (feat. King Trip, Lari The G)
08. We Move (feat. Aye Eyez)
09. Get It In (feat. Triple C)
10. Who Is Out Tonight (feat. Triple C, King Trip)
11. Relax (feat. Dominator, Carolyn Rodriguez)
12. Somethings Wrong With You [REMIX] (feat. Cracshot, Loelitah, Dominator, Mr. Criminal)
13. Superstar (feat. Dominator)
14. When I Call You (feat. Dominator, Shanice Armenta)
15. California (feat. Bako Loco, Mr. Criminal)

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