Crazy Boy released new single and is getting ready to release new album

Crazy Boy - Cali Party Chicano Rap

805 based rapper Crazy Boy released a brand new single called "Cali Party" featuring Magic Girl through Blue Reign Music/ Section 805 Records January, 4th. I've only been able to find the track on Google Play, so if you are interested in downloading it click here. Otherwise you can stream it from Spotify by clicking here. In other news you can also be on the lookout for Crazy Boy's 3rd solo album "Better Dayz" which will be released by Crime Family Entertainment on January, 15th. For sure we will let you know more about it once it's out. When I was looking for the "Cali Party" single on Google Play I saw that he also rerelased his classic debut album "Blue Reign" to the digital world in 2017. It was originally released by High Rollers Entertainment in 2004 and is a hard to get album if you are looking for the actual CD. Now you can download it from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or wherever digital music is sold.

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