Crazy Boy's "Better Dayz" LP is out now

Crazy Boy - Better Dayz Chicano Rap

On Monday Crime Family Entertainment did not only release Diablo's new album "State Raised" but also Crazy Boy's 3rd solo LP called "Bettere Dayz". Features include Oxnard Pugz, Dominator, T-Dre, P Luvv, Velasco, Whyte Smoke, Mr. Criminal, Tello, Lil Bones, Diablo, King Trip, Rich Bow, Bizzo, Mr. Shadow and Hollywood. Over the weekend the 1st video for the song "Overtime" featuring Diablo, King Trip and Dominator hit YouTube. If you haven't seen it yet click here or on the link below. If I'm not mistaken we can be on the lookout for at least 2 more videos hitting the internet the next couple of days, so keep an eye open for that. To get your digital "Better Dayz" copy from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes click on the respective link. Don't forget that he also released a single called "Cali Party" earlier this month which can be purchased as well.

01. Intro
02. The Game Cold (feat. Oxnard Pugz, Dominator, T-Dre)
03. Where The Game Is
04. A.a.O
05. What You Know (feat. P Luvv)
06. Real One (feat. Velasco)
07. Me And You (feat. Dominator, Whyte Smoke, Mr. Criminal)
08. Revived Skit
09. Shorty Be A Thug (feat. Dominator, Tello, Lil Bones)
10. If They Ask (feat. Diablo, King Trip)
11. You Been Hatin (feat. Rich Bow, King Trip)
12. The Get Down (feat. Bizzo, King Trip, Lil Bones)
13. Respect My Hustle [REMIX] (feat. Mr. Criminal, Mr. Shadow, Dominator)
14. Make It Rite (feat. King Trip, Hollywood, Dominator)
15. Outro
16. Overtime (feat. Diablo, King Trip, Dominator)

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