Creep Nastie reveals his untold story

Creep Nastie - My Untold Story Chicano Rap

San Jacinto based artist Creep Nastie released his debut album "My Untold Story" a little more than a month ago. The album comes after he beat a 21 to life in 2008-2010. He got sentenced for 9 years but was released in 2016. "My Untold Story" features artists such as Big Mando, Travie So Sick, Big Temps, Tattum Up and more. To promote the LP he also released a couple music videos which can all be seen by clicking on the respective link below. A mini documentary can be seen by clicking here. If you like what you hear and see you can buy the album from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. Intro - Wise Words From A Legend (R.I.P Toker)
02. The Only One
03. Losing Control
04. Angels & Demon's (feat. Big Mando, Travie So Sick)
05. Lord Help Me
06. Real Ones
07. Sweetest Thing (feat. Travie So Sick)
08. One's Before Me (feat. Big Mando, Big Temps)
09. Come From The Citty (feat. Shady 951)
10. Streets Are Calling (feat. Big Mando)
11. Grinding $$$ (feat. Big Mando, Tattum Up)
12. You Still Loved Me
13. From The Heavens Above
14. Fuck Out My Face (feat. Brownman)
15. Carnalito
16. Killed The Lil Homie
17. This Fucked Up World
18. Days Of The Past
19. Outro - Love My City

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