Crime Family Entertainment released "Bulletproof Music"

VA - Bulletproof Music Chicano Rap

Mr. Criminal released a brand new compilation with artists from his La Familia De Criminales camp called "Bulletproof Music". This includes appearances by Mr. Criminal himself, Annimeanz, Young Note, Diablo, Ese Villen, Crazy Boy, Compton Menace, Piez, Mr. Grandee, Sickminded Criminals, Sinner, G Rask and Bugzy. Since there are no digital copies available you can only get this from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or from all other digital stores. In other Mr. Criminal related news he's getting ready to release his movie "The Final Ride" in 2020, so be on the lookout for that!

01. Annimeanz - Intro (feat. Young Note, Diablo, Ese Villen, Mr. Criminal)
02. Mr. Criminal - Dreamin' Of You
03. Annimeanz - Takin' Risks
04. Crazy Boy - When We Smoke Out
05. Compton Menace - Menace To Society (feat. Mr. Criminal)
06. Piez - No Turnin' Down
07. Mr. Grandee - Digno
08. Sickminded Criminals - We Active
09. Sinner - Free My Dawgs
10. G Rask - Fresh Out
11. Annimeanz - Soulful Bards
12. Bugzy - Guess Who's Back (feat. Mr. Criminal)
13. Mr. Criminal - All About My Hustle

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