Crime Family Entertainment released new King Trip album "American Ultra"

King Trip - American Ultra Chicano Rap

The coming weeks Crime Family Entertainment will release at least 2 new music videos every 7 days. Besides the new visuals it just released King Trip's new album "American Ultra". Features include his fellows from Crime Family Entertainment Diablo, Crazy Boy and Whyte Smoke as well as Dominator, Rich Bow, Maldito, Steven Velasco and more. August, 10th, the official release date of the album, he also released a video for the song "Pray Fa Me" which can be seen by clicking here or by clicking on the link below. To get you digital copy move over to Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. Operation American Ultra
02. Pray Fa Me
03. One In The Same (feat. Dominator, Rich Bow)
04. Spanish (feat. Lil Bones, Lil' Bams)
05. Ain't Been (feat. J-Pro)
06. Hot Boy (feat. Blue Dream)
07. Play Me (feat. Diablo, Crazy Boy)
08. Last Night (feat. Rich Bow)
09. No La Quiero (feat. Maldito)
10. Spose To Da (feat. Steven Velasco)
11. Now Iss On (feat. Whyte Smoke)
12. Abzzurd Checks In
13. N L Ve (feat. Steven Velasco, Diablo)
14. 18 Boonie And Clyde (feat. P Luvv)
15. Your Love (feat. Lil Bones)
16. He Not Me
17. Everythang (feat. Lil Bones)

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