Crime Family Entertainment released new Lil Cuete album

Lil Cuete - The Smoking Gun Chicano Rap

Back in July we reported that Lil Cuete officially signed to Mr. Criminal's record company Crime Family Entertainment. Now we are back to announce that Norwalk's #1 gun just released his brand new album called "The Smoking Gun". Features include Mr. Criminal, Muhnee, Suden, Lyrics and more. A video for the song "Crime Fam" hit YouTube a couple of days ago and can be seen by clicking here. As usual you can get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. Pressed copies can be ordered from the official Crime Family Entertainment website by clicking here.

01. Nothing Like Me (feat. Muhnee)
02. Smoking Gun
03. Crime Fam (feat. Mr. Criminal)
04. Lost
05. Let Me Serve You (feat. Tonio Dai)
06. Fraud (feat. Suden)
07. Gun Play (feat. Suden, Swifty Blue)
08. Put That On Somethin'
09. No Drama (feat. Lyrics)
10. Another Blunt
11. Too Real (feat. Mr. Criminal)
12. Real Ones (feat. Suden)
13. Double Up (feat. Lyrics)
14. The Letter

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