"Cudahy Dope Boy 2" follows "Cudahy Dope Boy"

Annimeanz - Cudahy Dope Boy 2 Chicano Rap

Last October Annimeanz released "Cudahy Dope Boy" for free. If you haven't heard it yet click here for the download. Just a couple of days ago his latest project "Cudahy Dope Boy 2" hit digital music stores. Features include Jake, Papa, Big Sick Nasty, Drew, Daniel Peter and Smoke Major. Back in March Annimeanz already released a video for the song "Never Loved" featuring Big Sick Nasty which can be seen by clicking on the link below. You can get your digital copy from Amazon or iTunes. Pressed copies can be purchased directly from him by sending him a message on his official Instagram profile.

01. Intro (feat. Jake, Papa)
02. Never Loved (feat. Big Sick Nasty)
03. Thoughts
04. Getting Endz (feat. Drew)
05. Low Key (feat. Daniel Peter)
06. Premonition
07. Real
08. What You Know About (feat. Smoke Major)
09. Not The Same

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