Cuete Yeska released 2nd album of the year "Your Thoughts Dont Count"

Cuete Yeska - Your Thoughts Dont Count Chicano Rap

Earlier this year Cuete Yeska released volume 5 of his "Love Stories" album series. A couple of days ago he released his 2nd album of the year called "Your Thoughts Dont Count". The LP which was released through his own record company Round Towne Music features artists such as Chino Grande, Lil Uno aka Mr. Lil One, Opie The Animal, Conejo, Juan Gotti and Looney Tunes. The digital version can be bought from Amazon, Google Play and iTunes. I have no information on if there will be pressed copies or not, but since there are physical copies of "Love Stories 5... It's Complicated" I would say keep an eye open if you prefer the actual CD.

01. Intro (feat. Chino Grande)
02. Your Thoughts Don't Count
03. Dead On Every Channel
04. Brains
05. Lower The Casket (feat. Opie The Animal)
06. Insomnia (feat. Lil Uno)
07. You're Gonna Die (feat. Opie The Animal)
08. Die (feat. Looney Tunes)
09. Gangster (feat. Conejo, Juan Gotti)
10. Walking Nightmare
11. Mi Vida Loca
12. Raw (feat. Chino Grande)
13. Trust No Bitch (feat. Opie The Animal)
14. Puddle Of Blood (feat. Opie The Animal)
15. Run Up (feat. Opie The Animal)
16. Understand Me

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