Cuete Yeska released volume #6 of his "Love Stories" series

Cuete Yeska - Love Stories 6 Chicano Rap

Late February former Wicked Minds and Hit Squad member Cuete Yeska released volume #6 of his popular "Love Stories" series entitled "Love Sick" through his own label Round Town Music. The LP features Chicano legends Tierra, D. Salas, Jon, Stanford Griffin and Carolyn Rodriguez. To get your digital copy move over to Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. For sure you can also hear it on Spotify by clicking here. So far I haven't seen physical copies but wouldn't be surprised to see them soon as he also pressed copies of volune #5 "It's Complicated", keep an eye open...

01. Take Your Time (feat. Jon)
02. Dream (feat. Tierra)
03. My 2nd Most (feat. Stanford Griffin)
04. Breaking My Heart (feat. Jon)
05. The Dopest
06. Lately (feat. Jon)
07. All This Love
08. If You Can't Love (feat. D. Salas)
09. I Love Your Way
10. Our Day (feat. D. Salas)
11. Thinking About My Ex (feat. Stanford Griffin)
12. Lovely Day
13. I Like It
14. 3002
15. Every Time You Go Away (feat. Carolyn Rodriguez)

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