Cuete Yeska returns with volume 5 of "Love Stories" album series

Cuete Yeska - Love Stories 5 Chicano Rap

12 years after releasing "Love Stories... The Mix Tape" is Cuete Yeska back with volume 5 of his "Love Stories" album series. The exact title is "Love Stories 5... It's Complicated". On the websites of the digital music stores it says that it was released March, 9th but according to a post on his official Instagram account it seems as it was actually released today. I just finished skipping through the album on Spotify and need to say that it seems to be a pretty solid release. Features seem to be pretty rare as I only heard other artists on the choruses including D. Salas who also produced some of the songs. If you are interested you can get it from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes now.

01. Ever Since Ever Since
02. Just Friends
03. If You Were Mine
04. I Can't Wait Another Minute
05. Fool For You
06. If Only You Knew
07. Single
08. Rain
09. Romeo And Juliet
10. Say It Isn't So
11. It Ain't Over Til Its Over
12. Lost In Love
13. Could You Ever Love Me
14. Don't Be Scared Listen
15. Perfect Melody
16. Torn
17. Goodbye

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