Diablo's new album "State Raised" will be dropped tomorrow

Diablo - State Raised Chicano Rap

After releasing his Crime Family Entertainment debut album "T01200" and after touring the Southwest in 2017 is Diablo back with his new LP "State Raised". The album which will officially be released tomorrow features artists such as Mr. Criminal, Bams Sick Society, Crazy Boy, Shorty, King Trip, Paul Daniel, Necio, Sinner, Whyte Smoke, Romero, Youngster and Junebug. If I remember correctly songs from the album were recorded while he was on tour last year. So far no video for the album has been released but since Crime Family Entertainment has always been active on that I'm sure we should keep an eye open. For now you can pre-order the album over at Amazon or iTunes where you are also able to listen to snippets.

01. These Days (feat. Mr. Criminal)
02. What They Came For (feat. Bams Sick Society)
03. For The Gang
04. Dippin (feat. Crazy Boy, Shorty, King Trip)
05. Everywhere I Go
06. Welcome To The City (feat. Paul Daniel)
07. Can I Do My Thang (feat. Necio)
08. They Ain't Ready (feat. Bams Sick Society)
09. Run Up (feat. Sinner)
10. Beast (feat. Whyte Smoke)
11. Get High (feat. Romero, Youngster)
12. Talkin
13. Game On Lock
14. Ridin (feat. Junebug)
15. For The $$$

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