Win Or Lose

[2004, Hellafyde Records]

Big Dice - Win Or Lose Chicano Rap

Big Dice - Win Or Lose Chicano Rap

01. Intro
02. California (feat. Trava)
03. They Want 2 Know
04. That Ass
05. A Hustlaz Life
06. Tryin 2 Live
07. No Place Like Home (feat. L.A Nash)
08. That's How I'm Livin
09. Get Shot (feat. Azteca De Oro)
10. Yepa, Yepa (feat. Seven, Boy, Sal Capone)
11. I Don't Give A Fuck (feat. Juggernaut)
12. Money, Sex, Drugs, Murder (feat. Murieta)
13. No Money (feat. Seven, Sal Capone)
14. In L.A
15. Loko
16. Tell Me Why (feat. Kozme)

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