Nino Brown

[2005, M.I.A Records]

Nino Brown - Nino Brown Chicano Rap

Nino Brown - Nino Brown Chicano Rap

01. Introduction
02. Los Scandalous
03. All Night (feat. Jay Tee, Don Disco)
04. Disc Jockey Interlude
05. Eye Candy (feat. Baby Bash)
06. Hey Pretty Mama (feat. M.I.A)
07. Bad Intentions (feat. Mercy)
08. Gangstas Pimps N Crooks
09. Pretty Brown Eyes
10. Love U Down (feat. Slow Pain)
11. Why U Playin'
12. Adios
13. The Villain
14. Homicide Interlude
15. G.O.D (feat. Mercy)
16. The Prayer
17. My Music

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