[2004, Madizm Records]

Premonition - Ambitions Chicano Rap

01. She's All That
02. Imma Get Mine
03. Music Makes Me High (feat. Big Dogg)
04. I'll Cut You Up (feat. So-High, Prime Toons)
05. Every Now And Then (feat. Big Dogg)
06. Ambitions
07. Freaky Bitches (feat. JMG, Phenom)
08. Momma Don't Cry
09. I Love L.A
10. For You Haters (feat. Sinek)
11. Warrior (feat. Lyrical Assasins)
12. Two Of The Best (feat. Sinek)
13. Pimped Out Playa
14. Steady Trippin' [BONUS TRACK] (feat. Big Dogg)

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