Dizzy Loc's "Strictly Business" is out now

Dizzy Loc - Strictly Business Chicano Rap

After releasing "Strictly Southern Music" back in 2016 is Dizzy Loc back with his new LP "Strictly Business". The LP which is released today features artists such as Sneeky Loko, Lil Blue, Baby Bud, Lil Cuete, Solo Sinatra, Mister Teaze, Ghost Realm, Y-Be and more. Over the last couple months 4 videos hit YouTube which can all be seen by clicking on the links below. If you like what you hear and see you can get your digital copy from all major stores including Amazon, Google Play and iTunes. People that are interested in the physical copy can get at Dizzy Loc over at his official Instagram page.

01. Active (feat. Sneeky Loko)
02. In The West Coast (feat. Ghost Realm, Lil Blue, Sneeky Loko, Mister Teaze)
03. Fuck 'Em All
04. Fully Automatic (feat. Ese Viper, Baby Bud)
05. Bumping Lips (feat. Lil Cuete, Sneeky Loko, Lil Blue, Baby Bud)
06. Rest In Peace (feat. Sneeky Loko, Baby Bud)
07. Just Another Day (feat. Solo Sinatra, Sneeky Loko)
08. On The Block
09. You Ain't About That Life (feat. Kalifa Chief, Mister Teaze, Sneeky Loko)
10. Mi Estilo (feat. Sneeky Loko, Ghost Realm)
11. I Can Only Imagine (feat. Sneeky Loko, Ghost Realm)
12. My Life (feat. Sneeky Loko)
13. Strictly Business (feat. Y-Be, Baby Bud, Ghost Realm)
14. Again (feat. June B)
15. The Hustle (feat. Di, Sneeky Loko, The Lils)
16. Thought You Heard (feat. Lil Blue, Sneeky Loko, Baby Bud)
17. This Time (feat. Ashleigh Munn)

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